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About Angie Finley Financial

Angie Finley Financial is owned and operated by Angie Finley. Angie grew up and (raised her family) right here in Ocala, FL.   Angie also owns and operates a Liberty Tax Service. She has a passion for taxes and vast knowledge in the field of taxes.

Her husband, Jason, joined her in the business in 2011 and together they have been growing the agency and tax offices. They have been in business for over 10 years now. With auto, home, health and life insurance they have the products you need to protect your family and your assets.







Education leads to Empowerment.

Empowerment leads to action.


At AFF, we live by these words every day, which is why our primary focus is always on client education. We can all remember taking economics in school, but what did that really teach us about personal finance?  We learned all about GDP and inflation and supply vs. demand, but did that teach us anything about how to balance our personal budgets, calculate our savings for retirement, or put together a comprehensive financial plan for our family?

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There is a severe lack of education in this country when it comes to personal finance.  We’ve seen that in the past when credit card debt was at an all-time high, while savings were at all-time lows.  We see it today, as an estimated 50% of American workers have less than $2,000 saved for retirement.  At AFF, we see these shortcomings as an opportunity to help bridge that gap in understanding and comprehension and lead our clients to financial independence.

Our people understand that “selling” financial concepts to clients is not the best way to influence their decisions.  People make decisions when they feel empowered to do so, & the best way to empower anyone has always been by educating them.



60% of the bankruptcies in the U.S. are directly tied to the uncovered medical costs that follow a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer.  80% of those bankrupted patients were covered with health insurance.  As the rates of critical illnesses and the costs for treatment continue to rise, more financial protection is needed for today’s families to safeguard against financial disaster.



AFF’s Living Benefits allow the policyholder to accelerate much-needed money from their life insurance policy’s death benefit in the case of a critical, chronic, or terminal Illness.  This feature allows them to bridge the gap that health insurance does not cover, and protects them from the epidemic of medical bankruptcy that has become so commonplace in America today.



To eradicate the epidemic of medical bankruptcy by empowering our clients through education.  Many clients have a false sense of security regarding what their health insurance will cover in the case of an illness; others don’t know that Living Benefits exist to help them bridge that gap!  At AFF, we aim to inform and educate America about these unforeseen risks and how they can be mitigated, one client at a time.


Dedicated to YOUR financial goals.

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Did you know?

Why are so many American households unprepared for retirement?  Did you know that:

Angie Finley Financial
  • Only 5 states require high school students to take a class about money!

  • The average American household only has about $135,000 saved for retirement!*

  • 61% of people age 44-75 actually fear running out of money in retirement more than they fear death itself!**

  • 40 % of pre-retirees are expecting a decline in their standard of living at retirement!*


Tax Prep & Accounting


Questions about the NEW tax laws? CLICK HERE



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A company represents a “culture.” At Angie Finley Financial, it is the coming together of people around a common set of values, beliefs, and purpose. It’s more than products and services, or features and benefits. It is about sharing a common cause. It is about our customers achieving peace of mind.

It’s WHY we do what we do.